We are pleased to introduce our organization –

The Board of Director and Management are made up of seasoned professionals. With Industry expertise of so many decades of practicing, analysis and experience.

With a Uniquely creative, imaginative and dynamic team, we are positioned to provide satisfactory solution-based risk management and insurance intermediary services.

Our clientele includes individuals, corporate bodies, insurance and reinsurance organizations, retail and wholesale brokers, government departments and agencies, and other consumers of insurance services.

Our Reinsurance clientele also boast of major insurance organisations, both locally and internationally.

As your business grows, your business risks also assume some level of sophistication beyond your ken and you need a broker to put it all together for you.

Jordans Global Insurance Brokers. The perfect intermediary to handle your insurable risks and exposures.


Jordans Global Insurance Brokers is licensed to transact Insurance and Reinsurance broking business

Insurance & Reinurance
Audit Services

We identify, establish and advise client’s insurable exposures – this will guide decisions with regards to the insurances and/or reinsurances to be purchased.

Placement of
Insurance & Reinsurance

We Plan, negotiate and place insurance and reinsurance (taking cognizance of any with any local statutory requirements) with underwriters, and provide policy documentation including agreed wordings.


We ensure that claims are negotiated and settled at the shortest possible time and to the satisfaction of the assured.

Special & Mega
Project Insurances

We have competencies to offer specialized services in Marine, Aviation, Oil and Energy, Power and Mega Project risks.

We cater for all your unique risks


We go out of our way to ensure that our clients are well informed about best practices, insurance and reinsurance covers and risk management.

Conduct training, seminars and workshops to this end. Also providing varying support and logistics services such as travel arrangements, business applications and more.

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  • We work hand-in-hand with you to help you understand your risks, and to discuss how to use insurance to protect your assets and businesses. We offer expert advice on the management and reduction of risk, and on the range of insurance products that are available.